Friday, May 31, 2013

My Wordpress learning series: Adding and saving values from a drop down list using theme my login plugin

This article marks the beginning of my experience of diving into the massive world of “wordpress” that could help a lot of newbie and struggling wordpress developers.

After struggling for days together to achieve the functionality to add extra fields to a user profile form using “theme my login”, and having looked up 1000’s of articles from Google, I could finaaly gather the following means to be able to add and save values from a dropdown list into the wordpress database.

You will find a number of articles on “How to add extra “text” type fields but none mentions “How to add fields from a drop down list and save them”(In case you do find them, please drop in a link in “comments” below).
So, here I am, unleashing my step-by-step experience of adding and saving values from a dropdown list using “theme my login” plugin (I have used Steven Ray’s example of auto populating country list in the dropdown)

Tuesday, May 21, 2013

How to design and email a simple contact form using PHP

This post goes to out those who might be going through a tough time emailing a simple contact form using PHP .The example below uses a mix of jquery and PHP..

For quite sometime,I have been struggling with the same issue..After googling through a couple of good articles,I have finally managed to summarize the whole process as highlighted below.

I have also used "jquery" here coz I wanted to trap the output from the processing php and include some meaningful text for the end user in "<div id="created"></div>" after the form has been submitted

To summarize, the 3 objectives achieved in the example below are as follows:
1.HTML markup for the "contact form"
2. Create the processing "PHP" to submit and email the form
3.Add the "jquery" part